• Live Performance Feedback on Applicator Technique and Coating Quality
  • Angle, Distance, and Speed Cues Guide Applicator Technique
  • 3D Performance Replay of the Painter's Technique

Announcing SimSpray Go™ HVLP, a new SimSpray model that prioritizes convenience, quality, and reliability in a compact, portable, off-the-shelf package. This table top model features a selection of SimSpray's training content and features to promote HVLP painter training.


  • Immersive HVLP Painter Training
  • Real-Time Performance Feedback and Analysis
  • Motion-Tracked Spray Gun with Functional Equipment Settings
  • ROI Tracking for Time and Material Savings
  • 14 Automotive and Basic Geometry Practice Parts
  • Optional Parts and Add-Ons Available
  • ​Integrated Learning Curriculum
  • Portable Hard Case with Wheels

The Easiest Way to Transform a Room into a Spray Booth

HVLP Edge-Blending
Train with SimSpray's HVLP Edge-Blending process to prepare trainees for careers in automotive finishing and repair. Complete with a specialty cue that helps trainees master how to feather and blend paint.

Furniture and Cabinetry Parts Pack
Prepare furniture and cabinetry finishers with the wood parts and training exercises that address the challenges of their industry. Take on practice projects to minimize overspray and perfect coatings on basic to complex parts. Available for HVLP, Airless, and Air-Assisted spray processes.

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Announcing SimSpray Go HVLP

Augment Training with SimSpray Add-Ons

Virtual Reality Training Tool for Skilled Painters and Coaters

New, Streamlined, Easy-To-Use Setup


  • Track Student Progress Through Courses and Lessons
  • Create Custom Projects and Set Target Coating Specifications
  • Customize Scoring Rules to Match Program Competency Goals


  • Hassle-Free Setup with no Complicated Configuration
  • Adjustable Flow and Fan Pattern Through the Spray Gun
  • Realistic Paint Application with 70+ Colors in Matte, Semi-Gloss, or Gloss Finish