SimSpray 2.2 Fall Update

Our latest update for SimSpray includes improvements throughout the system.

SimSpray 2.0 Announcement

Introducing: SimSpray 2.0! The latest update to VRSim's virtual reality painting and coating training technology.

SimSpray Product Sheet (2019)

A consolidated product sheet for more information on SimSpray products, their benefits, and training features.

Next Generation Training for Skilled Painters and Coaters

SimSpray 2.0

Original SimSpray

Technical & User Support

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Quick Start Guide

If you are new to SimSpray, this guide features useful information to help get you started.

Lesson Mode
For more information on Lesson Mode, check out the Lesson Mode Manual.

​​​Project Settings
SimSpray requires users to input the correct equipment settings for each project. Use this document as a reference sheet for proper settings and ranges for each project and process. 

SimSpray Troubleshooting
This document details common errors and how to troubleshoot the SimSpray unit.​​

Access the SimSpray 2.0 Support Portal for in-depth guides and tutorials on training with the latest version of SimSpray.

SimSpray Product Sheet

​For more information on SimSpray, its benefits, and training features.

SimSpray Industrial Product Sheet

For more information on SimSpray Industrial, its benefits, and training features.

SimSpray Powder Product Sheet
For more information on SimSpray Powder, its benefits, and training features.

SimSpray Update:
Version addresses a critical bug found in versions 1.6.2 and This document walks you through the update process.

Tracking Interference

Use this YouTube playlist to diagnose and resolve common tracking issues.

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