Industrial Coatings Application

Train with SimSpray's HVLP process to prepare trainees for careers in automotive finishing and repair. Complete with a specialty cue to guide trainees in mastering how to feather and blend paint, HVLP Edge-Blending expands SimSpray's training for automotive finishing and repair.

Recommended Model or Add-On(s):

Model: SimSpray Paint

Add-On(s): Paint, HVLP Edge-Blending Technique

Abrasive Blasting

Prepare furniture and cabinetry finishers with the wood parts and training exercises that address the challenges of their industry. Take on practice projects to minimize overspray and perfect coatings on basic to complex parts. Customize project tolerances and group projects in courses for a more tailored training experience. Available for HVLP, Airless, and Air-Assisted spray processes.

Recommended Model or Add-On(s):

Add-On(s): Furniture and Cabinetry Parts Pack

Practice the nuance of the powder coating process with simulated Faraday effects and electro-magnetic fields. Learn when to use Faraday Mode to evenly coat smooth surfaces, corners, and complex part geometries. Explore activities and lessons, including identifying common powder coating defects.

Recommended Model or Add-On(s):

Model: SimSpray Powder

Add-On(s): Powder

"Experienced painters visiting the school all comment on my students' technique and ask how they got to be so good.

My answer is SimSpray."

- Billy Huneycutt, Program Head of Collision Repair and Refinishing Technology

SimSpray® - Solutions

SimSpray trains proficient workers, faster. This training tool creates accessible, repeatable learning experiences that do not increase material costs or interfere with the production line. Hands-on experiences are emphasized in SimSpray, while clean-up and prep are minimized. Integrated analysis provides objective performance metrics which support the instructor’s ability to guide trainees. Instructors engage in more one-on-one time with trainees and cover more advanced content.

Processes and part packs can be licensed separately to customize SimSpray to suit training needs.

Prepare for diverse industry needs with SimSpray's HVLP, Airless, Air-Assisted Airless processes in static and Conveyor settings. Tailor training to industry needs with Construction, Heavy Equipment, Transportation, or Aerospace parts. Ensure a well-rounded training education with a selection of Practice Panels and ASTM Testing Panels.

Recommended Model or Add-On(s):

Model: SimSpray Paint

Add-On(s): Paint

Furniture and Cabinetry Finishing

Train with 3 different blast materials in a safe, controlled environment. Choose from sodium bicarbonate, garnet, and steel grit for blasting projects. Strip contaminants and rust away, then view project performance to identify where the part needed more focus, was cleaned, or was damaged by the blast material.

Recommended Model or Add-On(s):

Model: SimSpray Blast

Add-On(s): Blast

Powder Coating

SimSpray offers a better way to train. Accessible, hands-on experiences deliver a clear picture of performance and support skill growth. This training tool promotes intrinsic motivation by combining the benefits of simulations and gamification. Trainees get independent practice in a controlled and guided training environment. They complete more projects in less time, with better performance feedback. SimSpray also supports collaborative work between students and their instructors.

Virtual Reality Training Tool for Skilled Painters and Coaters

Automotive Repair and Refinishing