The Edge-Blending add-on is designed to teach users to blend new with existing paint. This add-on includes a unique cue, several new parts and the ability to create or customize additional mock-repair projects.

Join hundreds of manufacturers  and educational institutions competing for top talent and start training with SimSpray.

Provide skilled painters ready to master the job at hand with rapid, repeatable skills training.

SimSpray can also augment traditional training by increasing hands-on practice, reinforcing correct techniques, and promoting skill development

with lower costs.

Powder Coating

The Powder Coating add-on unlocks the powder coating process for more training on more parts. Recruit, prepare, and evaluate your trainees with a variety of tutorials and activities to master the nuances of powder coating.


Expand SimSpray's training capabilities with Add-Ons or Custom Parts Development


Next Generation Training for Skilled Painters and Coaters

​SimSpray is the immersive virtual reality spray painting training simulation teaching fundamental spray painting techniques for HVLP paint processes. Visual cues, detailed scoring, kinesthetic and performance tracking provide continuous feedback. Realistic paint effects show the coat quality, thickness (mil build), and defects caused by the student's technique. Students using SimSpray master quality painting techniques and reduce the frequency of defects with the constant feedback, performance analysis, realistic painting, and experience that the complete SimSpray system offers.

Part Groups

Practice Panels, Testing Panels, Transportation, Heavy Equipment, Construction

Review tutorials, complete customizable lessons, and familiarize yourself with process-specific equipment settings to learn to apply even coats of paint.

Practice on a variety of part geometries to develop a strong foundation for the skills needed to master projects on the production line.

Improve performance with detailed coating coverage maps, paint-pass tracking, and in-depth performance analysis.


HVLP (High-Pressure Low-Volume)

Abrasive Blasting

The Abrasive Blasting add-on introduces the abrasive blasting process to the SimSpray training system. This add-on includes 3 different blast material types: sodium bicarbonate, garnet, and steel grit. Heatmaps are used to evaluate where the part was damaged by the blast material, cleaned, or needed more focus.