SimSpray immerses students in 3D environments with real-time scoring, intuitive visual cues, and a variety of lessons and projects designed to take students through a complete skills training curriculum. Students learn proper equipment setup, body positioning, and gun movement through hands-on practice. Instructors can tailor the training experience with customizable projects and curricula. Training with SimSpray is quicker, safer, and more cost-efficient than traditional training methods alone.

Use the touch-screen monitor to start practice projects, review tutorials, and inspect performance analysis.

Train with HVLP, Airless, and Air-Assisted Airless for industry and manufacturing.

Train with the powder coating process and hone specific techniques on complex geometries.

Transform Your Training

Next Generation Training for Skilled Painters and Coaters

Paint with the SimSpray spray gun, with adjustable fan-pattern, cone orientation, fluid pressure, and haptic feedback to simulate real equipment.

Train with the HVLP paint process for automotive and auto-repair focused coating applications.

Portable, Storable, Accessible

Immerse yourself in the virtual training environment with the head-mounted display (HMD).

SimSpray's patented turn-key design allows it to be used in classroom and manufacturing environments.

The SimSpray tracker stand emits a field that monitors your movements and reproduces them in the virtual training environment.