HMD: High-quality, immersive, and ergonomic professional-grade headset

Training Content and Features

Spray Equipment: Weighted spray gun, powder gun, or abrasive blasting hose with functional controls

SimSpray is a valuable tool to use for training paint associates for manual painting technique practice.”

“Increased associate practice/feedback 15x more than live painting.”

- Top 10 Auto Manufacturer

A Training Tool for Painters and Coaters

 Applicator Speed (Cue)
 Spray Angle (Cue)
 Part Distance (Cue)
 Transfer Efficiency
 Mil Build
 Defect Identification
 HVLP Edge-Blending
 Painting on Conveyor

​​Case: Lightweight, compact design with convenient component storage and easy setup

SimSpray® - Product Overview

Accessible, Hands-On Training
Practice with repeatable, accessible training. Hands-on experiences deliver a clear picture of performance and support skill growth. SimSpray makes it easy to provide practical job training with easy-to-use virtual reality simulations.

Performance Review & Analysis
Guide training with review and analysis tools that support instructors and students. Analyze, reset, and repeat training exercises with in-sim controls, accessible through a virtual tablet. Analysis includes applicator speed, part distance, spray angle, transfer efficiency, mil thickness, an overall performance score for objective project performance measurement, and ROI calculations.

Integrated & Customizable Curriculum

Tailor training with SimSpray's content editor, letting instructors customize training to suit their needs. Track trainee progress through learning content with SimSpray's integrated scorekeeping and performance reports.

Immersive Environments

Train in a variety of engaging, immersive environments with rich, realistic details. SimSpray environments include:

  • Spray Booth
  • Mechanic Garage
  • The Bridge
  • Future World
  • Conveyor Booth (Paint)
  • Conveyor Booth (Powder)

SimSpray is the leading training tool for the painting and coating industry. It’s an easy-to-use, turn-key training tool that provides accessible hands-on experiences with virtual reality simulations. Transform paint training with SimSpray for objective performance analysis, customizable training curriculums, and an engaging recruitment tool.

SimSpray has been shown to save up to 50% of training costs and train proficient workers faster. Train students in a fun, engaging way, and prepare them with the core skills they'll need on the job.




 Heavy Equipment
 Industrial Components

 ASTM Panels (American Standards of Testing & Measurement)

 Basic Panels



 HVLP Conveyor


 Airless Conveyor

 Air-Assisted Airless

 Air-Assisted Airless Conveyor

 Powder Coating

 Powder Coating Conveyor

 Abrasive Blasting

​Display: Mounted monitor with touch screen controls and additional HDMI output for external displays

​​Real-Time Tracking: Integrated, camera-based, visual tracking with easy-to-use deployment steps

Virtual Reality Training Tool for Skilled Painters and Coaters