Students choose their blasting material from sodium bicarbonate, garnet, or steel grit options, and then use it to virtually blast on a variety of parts. Heat maps provide detailed insight as to where the part was cleaned, the substrate was damaged, or contaminants remain.

SimSpray Industrial is an immersive virtual reality spray painting simulation that advances skills training for HVLP, Airless, and Air-Assisted paint processes. Visual cues, detailed scoring, and pass tracking tools provide continuous feedback that reinforces high-quality painting and coating. Realistically simulated paint reflects the coat quality, coat thickness, and defects produced by the painter’s technique.

SimSpray Industrial works with traditional education methods to increase hands-on practice time and reinforce correct techniques, developing skilled industrial painters in a shorter time and at less cost.


SimSpray Industrial

Cultivate a skilled industrial coating workforce

The Abrasive Blasting Module for SimSpray Industrial features a safe, simulated environment for students to learn the abrasive blasting process. This module teaches the proper technique to prepare industrial parts for coatings.

Paint Processes​​

Project Parts

SimSpray is the leading training system for attracting and training skilled painters and coaters in transportation and aerospace manufacturers, industrial trades apprenticeship programs, and construction companies worldwide.


*Abrasive Blasting and HVLP Edge Blending are purchased Add-Ons