The head mounted display (HMD) shows the virtual environment and chosen part. In the environment, students use the SimSpray paint gun to paint the project.​

Increase hands-on practice by eliminating time spent on part cleaning and drying processes.

SimSpray improves training by immersing students in realistic 3D environments with interactive projects, live scoring, and intuitive visual cues. Students learn proper equipment setup, body positioning, and gun movement through increased hands-on practice. Instructors can customize the training experience through custom projects and curriculums. Training is quicker, safer, and more cost-efficient than traditional training methods.

Learn HVLP painting techniques for spray painting careers

Through the monitor, instructors and students can see the project from the painter’s point of view, a detailed review mode, or a paint coverage mode. Each view provides valuable insight for improving paint technique. SimSpray can be connected to external for classroom training experiences.

SimSpray is designed for classroom, shop, and off-site locations with its easily stored, mobile, turn-key features.

Teach crucial skills for industrial painting and coating applications

Attract and train students for powder coating professions

Objective scoring, live feedback, and detailed performance metrics guide students to skill mastery.

Training with SimSpray

SimSpray combines game design and interactive technology to create innovative training that engages students and modernizes learning between instructor and student. Across the world, educational institutions, manufacturing organizations, and trade unions use SimSpray to attract prospective students, improve training programs, and train skilled painters.